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Wool-Aid and Year-End Giving

As the last shipments of 2015 begin their journey to children in remote corners of the world, it’s a good time to reflect on what our Wool-Aid community has given to children this year.

Wool-Aid shipments in 2015 contained 7167 items:

722 sweaters

466 vests

1330 pairs of socks

3814 hats

722 pairs of mittens

113 blankets

Wool-Aid has sent these thousands of items around the world to help keep children warm in these places:

Alaska — 225 items

India — 232 items

Jordan and Lebanon — 774 items

Kazakhstan — 96 items

Mongolia — 2912 items

Nepal — 1236 items

Syria — 1692 items

Thank you for being a part of this!

Many of you have donated warm, wool handknit/crocheted items, and you and your family and friends have supported our shipping fund with financial contributions. Every contribution is appreciated, and every contribution makes a difference to a cold child somewhere in the world.

For the sake of the children, please consider making a tax-deductible year-end gift to support this important work. Your donation will help Wool-Aid provide the gift of warmth to children living in extremely cold environments who have the least access to resources.

Let us join together to conclude 2015 with a message of hope and ensure that 2016 continues to bring warmth to the children that Wool-Aid serves.

Thank you for your support, and Happy New Year!


Dulaan Project, December 2015

Wool-Aid wrapped up the packing of the big shipment to Mongolia for the Dulaan Project recently, our second shipment of 2015 for the children of Ulaanbaatar:


As you can see, the process was very carefully supervised by Miss Smokey from above and Mr. Fritz from below.

These 24 boxes (about 560 pounds worth) include a total of 1605 items:

839 hats
91 vests
122 sweaters
400 pairs of socks
119 pairs of mittens
34 baby blankets

This is about 300 items more than we sent in January of this year, for a total of 2912 items shipped to Ulaanbaatar in 2015! The current shipment is in transit and should arrive in Ulaanbaatar soon so that it can be distributed to the children. Current temperatures are already registering below zero there.

FIRE (Flagstaff International Relief Effort) included Wool-Aid’s contributions from earlier this year in their end-of-year newsletter for 2015: Received and distributed 1,307 donated hand knitted winter items to orphanages and the disabled.

This is what you have done for the children of Ulaanbaatar this year! Thank you!

Wool-Aid Delivery in Nepal, November 2015

Wool-Aid items are beginning to arrive in Nepal for distribution. We have shipped 23 boxes to Nepal so far, some containing items specifically in colors for the young monks, and some in a full range of colors for distribution to needy children in remote villages and elsewhere. Not all of those boxes have been received yet — it takes a month, and sometimes much more, for our boxes to reach them. Additional boxes will be shipped to help warm the children this winter.





As new young monks are welcomed into the community, they have been given a warm hat, a sweater, and a pair of socks sent by Wool-Aid:


Heartfelt thanks for all your loving contributions for the young monks in Nepal!