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2017: Wool-Aid Shipments Around the World

In 2017, Wool-Aid shipped wonderful woolly warmth to children served by five different recipient organizations:

  • Kyegu Monastery in Gamrau, India: 255 items
  • Tibetan Nuns Project: 605 items
  • Syria Relief: 1799 items
  • Ladakh (India) children’s school and young nuns/monks: 2145 items
  • Duo Duo Monastery (Tibet): 199 items

This totals 5003 items shipped out in 2017. Our large winter shipments have rolled over into 2018 for those organizations that can receive and distribute our items throughout the winter, including Syria Relief and the Duo Duo Monastery.

Wool-Aid Supports Schoolchildren in India

Wool-Aid is pleased to support 100 or so schoolchildren ages 5 through 15 who live in a residential school in Ladakh, in one of the most beautiful and remote areas of northern India. The children come from the six villages of Lingshed, Gongma, Skumpata, Youlchung, Neyraks, and Dibling.

We are currently providing hats, socks, and sweaters, and also blankets for the younger children (ages 5 through 9) (approximately 40″ x 60″). All colors of clothing are appropriate for the schoolchildren.

Wool-Aid has so far sent 19 boxes containing 498 items for the schoolchildren at the residential school:

Hats: 107
Sweaters: 135
Socks: 205
Child-size blankets: 51

We will send additional boxes of clothing and blankets in ongoing support of the children there, to help keep them warm in the 30-below temperatures that are common in Ladakh in wintertime.