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Hats & Mittens 2011 (10/31/2011)

Hats & Mittens are needed by all the kids that we serve. With that in mind, we’re launching a general Hats & Mittens campaign, with an end date of October 31, 2011. You may send items at any time, because we will have shipments going out before this date as well as after it. This general Hats & Mittens campaign will overlap other campaigns (such as the Baby Shower campaign). And that’s OK!

You may designate your hats or mittens for a specific recipient if you wish; if you don’t specify a recipient, we will designate items based on the need at the time of shipment. Current potential recipients include the following:

  • Children affected by the April 2010 earthquake in Tibet (Kyegu): infants through teens
  • Inuit Daycare Centers in northern Canada (Rankin Inlet): infants through children 6 years old
  • Innu children in northern Labrador (Sheshatsuit): children through teens
  • Cree children in northern Ontario (Moosonee, Kashechewan): children through teens

We may become aware of other needs; in that case, hats and mittens could be sent to help warm children in other parts of the world as well.

Please send all finished hats & mittens to:

1381 Rocky Creek Court
Belleville, IL 62220

We include guidelines below. Please aim for hats and mittens that will be very warm for the children — remember that we send to children who live in extremely cold conditions!

Guidelines for Hats and Mittens:

  1. Use wool (at least 80% wool/animal fiber).
  2. Use worsted weight yarn or heavier.
  3. Mitten and hat sets would be wonderful, but are not required.
  4. Hats with earflaps or double-layer hats are wonderful and warm (pattern suggestions below).
  5. Hats will ideally be able to entirely cover the ears. The thicker, the better (no lace hats; they’re not warm enough).
  6. Mittens should have generous cuffs for extra warmth and protection from wind.

If you are able, a contribution to help share the cost of shipping expenses would be appreciated. See How to Donate to Wool-Aid for details.

Baby Shower Campaign: Infant Through Age 6 (May 15, 2011)

To honor the founding family of Ravelry, where Wool-Aid began, we have begun a special campaign to create items for children in sizes for infants through age 6. All of our focus items are included, just in smaller sizes! Items should be wool and warm, with good coverage, but no light colors and nothing frilly or lacy—sweaters, socks, hats, mittens, blankets, vests. All items should be knit or crocheted according to the standard Wool-Aid guidelines. “Shower gifts” received will be donated to two places, based on the need for the specific items received: Inuit Daycare Centers (via Warm Hands) that serve children from infant through age 6 (and which especially need hats and mittens); and Knit for Tibet, where there is a significant need for all types of items for babies and children.

Guidelines for Baby Shower Campaign

  • Use the highest wool content possible (at least 80% wool/animal fiber) — 100% wool is even better.
  • Use worsted weight yarn or heavier.
  • All items should be crafted with an emphasis on coverage and warmth.
  • Vests should close securely.
  • Sweaters and vests should provide warmth from the neck down.
  • Hats and mittens should protect against extreme cold.
  • Socks should be densely knit and with good coverage for the leg as well as the foot.

Please send all finished items to

1381 Rocky Creek Court
Belleville, IL 62220

If you are able, a contribution to help share the cost of shipping expenses would be appreciated. See How to Donate to Wool-Aid for details.