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Support Wool-Aid Through Amazon Smile

The Amazon Smile Foundation donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Wool-Aid, as long as you shop through the Amazon Smile portal——and have selected Wool-Aid as the charity you want to support. Since 2014, the quarterly contributions from the Amazon Smile Foundation have made a big difference in our shipping funds!

Please spread the word and encourage more of your friends and family to support Wool-Aid through Amazon Smile—and help kids around the world smile, too!

On your first visit to Amazon Smile (, please select Wool-Aid Inc from the list of charitable organizations before you begin shopping. It will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make will result in a donation to Wool-Aid, as long you shop through the Amazon Smile portal. You’ll know you’re in the right place if your Amazon banner has a black background and you see “Supporting: Wool-Aid Inc” in the banner itself.

If you make purchases at Amazon, please link your account to Wool-Aid Inc. and shop through the portal.

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The direct link to shop and support Wool-Aid is

Wool-Aid and the Wool-Aid Kids thank you!

Wool-Aid Supports Schoolchildren in India

Wool-Aid is pleased to support 100 or so schoolchildren ages 5 through 15 who live in a residential school in Ladakh, in one of the most beautiful and remote areas of northern India. The children come from the six villages of Lingshed, Gongma, Skumpata, Youlchung, Neyraks, and Dibling.

We are currently providing hats, socks, and sweaters, and also blankets for the younger children (ages 5 through 9) (approximately 40″ x 60″). All colors of clothing are appropriate for the schoolchildren.

Wool-Aid has so far sent 19 boxes containing 498 items for the schoolchildren at the residential school:

Hats: 107
Sweaters: 135
Socks: 205
Child-size blankets: 51

We will send additional boxes of clothing and blankets in ongoing support of the children there, to help keep them warm in the 30-below temperatures that are common in Ladakh in wintertime.

Wool-Aid Supports Syrian Children

Wool-Aid supports children in Syria through Syria Relief in the UK, which then transports our Wool-Aid items to Turkey so they can be taken into Syria itself. Our items are sometimes distributed in the refugee camps as well. The mission of Syria Relief is to “relieve the suffering and support the future,” providing support and care to those 7.6 million internally displaced by the conflict, and helping to reduce the mass migration from Syria.

Already this winter, Wool-Aid has shipped 19 boxes containing

Hats: 1265
Vests: 146
Mittens: 113
Sweaters: 40

For future shipments, we will focus on hats (especially balaclavas), vests, and mittens, which were the items specifically requested — in sizes for children 9 to 12 years old. They have requested that items not include the color red, and we avoid sending any items that could be considered a camouflage colorway.

We continue to ship warm, woolen clothing to Syria Relief on a regular basis, as we fill boxes of vests, hats, and mittens in the appropriate sizes and colors.