2018: Kyegu Monastery in India

In 2017, we renewed Wool-Aid support for young monks and elders at the Kyegu Monastery in Gamrau, India.

These young monks are boys of Tibetan background who are living at a branch of the Kyegu Monastery in India, about 9 hours drive north of Delhi, that was founded in 1965 by Tibetan refugees who fled Kyegu.

There are now 32 young monks ages 7 to 17 living there (up from 19 a few years ago), plus 6 elders. Winter weather in Gamrau is severe, and this group has always struggled to stay warm.

We supported them this winter with:

45 sweaters
80 pairs of socks
47 hats
40 pairs of mittens
43 blankets (40″ × 60″ or so)

Colors appropriate for the young monks in Gamrau are maroon, red, brown, and gold. Blankets can be in other colors, and even multi-colored.

These young monks are happy with their new, warm blankets and clothing. They will be much warmer thanks to Wool-Aid!