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Dulaan Project (Fall 2010)

Wool-Aid is partnering with F.I.R.E.’s Dulaan Project for a shipment later this year (Fall 2010). F.I.R.E. (the Flagstaff International Relief Effort) serves children in Mongolia, with its harsh and extremely cold winters. Because of the cost of shipping, they are no longer sending used clothing to Mongolia in container shipments, but they are still very eager to receive handknit and crocheted clothing that they will send with staffers and others who travel to Mongolia.The F.I.R.E. website also has a video about the Dulaan Project that both describes their mission and shows young children receiving lovingly handcrafted clothing.

We will focus on sending vests, sweaters, and hats for the children of Mongolia — in sizes for toddlers through teens.

Please send all finished items to:

1381 Rocky Creek Court

Belleville, IL 62220


  • Use wool (at least 80% wool/animal fiber).
  • Use worsted weight yarn or heavier.
  • Aim for a tight, dense fabric for warmth
  • See our Wool-Aid guidelines for additional information.

If you are able, a contribution to help share the cost of shipping expenses would be appreciated. See how to donate to Wool-Aid for details.