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2017: Wool-Aid Shipments Around the World

In 2017, Wool-Aid shipped wonderful woolly warmth to children served by five different recipient organizations:

  • Kyegu Monastery in Gamrau, India: 255 items
  • Tibetan Nuns Project: 605 items
  • Syria Relief: 1799 items
  • Ladakh (India) children’s school and young nuns/monks: 2145 items
  • Duo Duo Monastery (Tibet): 199 items

This totals 5003 items shipped out in 2017. Our large winter shipments have rolled over into 2018 for those organizations that can receive and distribute our items throughout the winter, including Syria Relief and the Duo Duo Monastery.

2014: Shipments for Syrian Refugees

In 2014, Wool-Aid established a new effort to provide warm wool clothing and blankets for Syrian children who are now living in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

Humanitarian relief efforts for this project are coordinated by the Salaam Cultural Museum. Wool-Aid was asked to provide handknit/crocheted wool clothing for infants and toddlers, and for children age 5 to 10 years old who are attending two schools in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.

In 2014, Wool-Aid sent a total of 34 boxes for the Syrian children living in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. These shipments contained

Sweaters: 215
Vests: 226
Socks: 303
Hats: 1371
Mittens: 178
Blankets: 72

TOTAL: 2365

This picture shows a young Syrian boy receiving a sweater hand knit by one of our Wool-Aid crafters:

Syrian child

Many, many thanks to all our supporters who make it possible to help Syrian children!

Wool-Aid Shipments for 2014

Wool-Aid’s goals for 2014 were ambitious, but our wonderful knitters and crocheters met them—and more!

Shown below are the goals set by Wool-Aid for 2014, followed by the number of each item received during the year plus the number of each item shipped out during the year to help children around the world be warm this winter:

Item: Goal / Number of Items Received / Number of Items Shipped

Hats: 2400 / 2737 / 3447

Socks: 900 / 1066 / 1676

Sweaters: 725 / 792 / 979

Vests: 500 / 447 / 897

Mittens: 400 / 486 / 507

Blankets: 75 / 75 / 187

TOTALS: 5000 / 5603 / 7693

In 2014, Wool-Aid sent warm woolen clothing and blankets to Syrian children living in Lebanon and Jordan (2365 items), and to children living in Tibet (2056 items), Afghanistan (2238 items), and Mongolia (1034 items).

Note: Some of the items included as shipped in 2014 were also included in the Winter 2013-2014 count posted last year; we have now standardized on reporting by calendar year.

Our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who helped to warm children living in the coldest climates and with the least access to resources! Thank you for making such a difference to so many children!