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Wool-Aid Zazzle Store Is Open!

We’ve set up a Wool-Aid Zazzle store so you can have the Wool-Aid kids with you for your morning coffee and show them off to your friends. Initially we’re offering mugs of all types, buttons, magnets, notebooks, and totebags. You can choose items that say either “I Knit for Wool-Aid” or “I Crochet for Wool-Aid”.

All products are priced at the Zazzle minimum, which includes a minimal royalty fee that will support our Wool-Aid shipping expenses.

There are more products in process but not yet available for purchase. Zazzle also offers frequent sales, so always check the Zazzle site for a code that will give you a discounted price.

And be sure to check out the Zazzle Black Standard program during the order process. It gives you free standard shipping for $9.95/year, and they sometimes have trial offers for a limited time period.