Wool-Aid Amazon Smile Report: 4th Quarter 2015

Wool-Aid has received its second quarterly contribution from the Amazon Smile Foundation, and thanks to all of you wonderful supporters, it has really grown!

It takes $1000 in eligible purchases at .5% in order for the minimum payment to be processed. In the period from October through December 2015, we collectively supported Wool-Aid through $17,210 in Amazon purchases, which turned into a donation to Wool-Aid from the Amazon Smile Foundation of just over $85!

Please spread the word and encourage more of your friends and family to support Wool-Aid through Amazon Smile—and help kids around the world smile, too!

If you make purchases at Amazon, please link your account to Wool-Aid, Inc. and shop through the smile.amazon.com portal.

Amazon Smile badge

The direct link to shop and support Wool-Aid is http://smile.amazon.com/ch/46-5580013.

Wool-Aid and the Wool-Aid Kids thank you!