Ravelympics 2010: Crossing the Finish Line

Team Wool-Aid crossed the finish line with at least 50 projects — many Keep Me Warm Vests and Cozy Toes socks and other lovely items as well — and the team spirit and camaraderie kept many team members knitting and crocheting when they would otherwise have lagged behind.

While it is unclear how many medals were won over the 17-day Ravelympics by Team Wool-Aid, since each project potentially qualified for multiple medals, many medals were won in the following events (and more!):

  • Charity Curling
  • Junior Olympics
  • Sock Hockey
  • Sweaterboard Cross
  • Mitten Moguls
  • Giant Slalom-ghan
  • Stash Compulsory Dance

And our Wool-Aid kids enjoyed themselves tremendously as they made their way around the event venues on their skis!

Ravelympics Wool-Aid Kids

Congratulations, Everyone!