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Wool-Aid’s Support for Afghan Children, 2016

Wool-Aid’s largest single shipment ever has now left HQ and is on its way to warm the children of Afghanistan this winter. We are again partnering with the Lamia Afghan Foundation, which coordinates international transportation to Afghanistan through the Denton Program. (The Denton Program uses available space on military cargo planes to transport humanitarian aid to countries in need; it is coordinated by USAID (the United States Agency for International Development).)

We shipped 60 boxes, an estimated 1320 pounds, and a total of 3775 items!

The boxes included so much warmth!

For babies and toddlers

Hats — 516
Vests — 113
Sweaters — 87
Socks — 59
Blankets — 107

For children 5 and up

Hats — 1950
Vests — 181
Sweaters — 146
Socks — 373
Mittens — 209
Blankets — 34

We hope that in the future we will be able to show you pictures of some of these items being worn by the beautiful Afghan children!