Current Campaigns

Wool-Aid campaigns in 2017 are primarily item-based rather than geared to a specific organization. This allows us much-needed flexibility to meet the needs of recipient organizations as we become aware of them. In 2016, Wool-Aid sent warm woolen items primarily to schoolchildren as well as to young monks and young nuns living in remote mountainous areas of India; and to displaced Syrian children, both within Syria and in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan.

Wool-Aid Needs

Based on what our recipient organizations need most, our need for items in 2017 is prioritized as follows:

Blankets and 10 blanket squares

Hats are needed more than anything, followed by pairs of socks. If we can help keep children's heads and feet protected, we've made a big difference in keeping them warm! Sweaters and vests provide full-torso warmth; mittens protect hands from exposure to freezing temperatures. Blankets are also needed in large numbers.

With so much need and plenty of options for what you can make, know that you can make what you love, and it will be welcome and much appreciated!

Sending Items "Wherever They're Needed Most"

Wool-Aid accepts focus items—socks, sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, and blankets and 10” blanket squares—created from fiber that is at least 80% wool content (or other animal fiber) on a year-round basis. Items are distributed by Wool-Aid to recipient organizations according to need.

Wool-Aid Supports ...

... young monks and nuns in remote, mountainous areas of India who have come to their monastery to study and train, often sent by their families as a way to keep them fed. The children range in age from four to sixteen. Appropriate colors for clothing for these children are red, maroon, brown, tan, and gold.

... schoolchildren living at a residential school in Ladakh, India. The children range in age from five to fifteen. Any and all colors are appropriate for these schoolchildren—bright or neutral, solid or striped! We also send blankets approximately 40" × 60" for the younger schoolchildren there.

... children within Syria who have been displaced by the conflict in their own country. Wool-Aid is focused on children 9 to 12 years old, sending warm woolen hats, mittens, and vests to keep them warm. Wool-Aid items for other age groups, including clothing and blankets for infants and toddlers, will also be sent for distribution. We are working with Syria Relief, which provides care and support to these vulnerable children in hopes of curbing mass migration to refugee camps outside their own country. Syria Relief also provides relief to children living in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan—countries that border Syria itself.

... children in Afghanistan who live in orphanages in and around Kabul, or in refugee camps there. Wool-Aid is sending warm woolen clothing and blankets to keep them warm. All of our focus items are needed in Afghanistan—hats, socks, sweaters, vests, mittens, and blankets. We are working with the Lamia Afghan Foundation, which has airlifted millions of tons of relief aid to people in Afghanistan since 2010.